press release

The John Moores 24 competition produces Britain's leading contemporary painting exhibition and the competition is open to anyone, from the enthusiastic amateur to the top professional. It is judged anonymously, purely on the merit of each individual work, without the identity of the artist being revealed to the jurors. £25,000 will be awarded to the first prizewinner and there will be four additional prizes of £2500 each. A £1000 visitors' choice prize will also be up for grabs.

This year’s jury includes two of the biggest names in British art, promising to make the show one of the most exciting in the competition's history. Conceptual artist Tracey Emin and the eminent Sir Peter Blake join former John Moores' prizewinner Jason Brooks, curator of fine art at the Walker Art Gallery, Ann Bukantas and Director of Visual Arts at the British Council, Andrea Rose. Find out more about the jury here.

A total of 2300 entries were submitted – the largest number of entries for 43 years and 52 have been selected for the finals. Julian Treuherz, keeper of galleries says,“this is a fantastic endorsement of the John Moores which has been a pace-setter for British painting since 1957. These figures show that, contrary to some opinion, painting is alive and well – infact it is thriving.”


John Moores 24 exhibition of contemporary painting
Also Part of the Liverpool Biennial
Kuratoren: Ann Bukantas, Andrea Rose
Jury: Sir Peter Blake, Jason Brooks, Ann Bukantas, Tracey Emin, Andrea Rose

mit Henny Acloque, Guy Allott, Carolina Ambida, Lucy Annat, Emma Bennett, Elaine Brown, Alan Brooks, Matthew Burrows, Gordon Cheung, Leigh Clarke, Graham Crowley, Matt Davies, Geraint Evans, Cynthia Girard, Martin Greenland, Andrew Griffiths, Andy Harper, David Harrison, Vincent Hawkins, Claude Heath, Günther Herbst, Gerard Hemsworth, Dale Holmes, Philip Jones, Neil Kelly, David Leapman, David Mabb, Jeff McMillan, David G. Martin, Eliza Meath Baker, Andrea Medjesi–Jones, Nicholas Middleton, Richard Moon, Jost Münster, Penny Neville-Lee, Alicia Paz, Sachiko Odashima, Hugo Platt, Daphne Plessner, Alex Ramsay, Andreas Rüthi, Gary ‘Dollman’ Sollars, Ben Spiers, Arabella Stewart, Michael Stubbs, Paul Thomas, Covadonga Valdes, Julian Wakelin, Caroline Walker, James White, Emily Wolfe, Clare Woods