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GENIESS presents one of many possible material instantiations of the virtual image The Philosophy is in the Meat (2005) in the form of a 28 x 8ft image-object, including blood, entrails, internal organs of war victims and other forms of violence, as well as ecstatic uses of flesh such as child birth, orgasm, defecation and thinking. The ineluctable flatness of the image opens out onto an eventspace of affect and untimeliness, transforming all viewers into potential geniesses and visionaries.

John Russell was a founder member of the artists’ group BANK (1990-2000) and was responsible for exhibitions such as Zombie Golf (1994) and Cocaine Orgasm (1995). BANK artworks and publications from this period were shown at the Whitechapel Art Gallery and Tate Modern. Since January 2000 he has been working both independently and collaboratively with Fabienne Audeoud. Recent exhibitions include a 6 page artist project for Sleaze Nation Magazine in June 2004 and The Thinking, 2004, a film project at PS1/MoMA, New York (in collaboration with Mark Beasley).

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John Russell