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Florida Calls is a re-make of a scene fifty years after the fact. Some time ago, the artist inherited an old cardboard box from his father. Inside were hundreds of old slides, a random selection from his life in America in the late 1950’s. One of these slides is the starting point for Monk’s exhibition, a cartoon, used to introduce an evening of holiday slides. Depicted is a young black-haired lady sporting a red bathing suit leaping into the sea. Monk is working with a group of students from New World School of the Arts to recreate and reinterpret this 1950’s scenario in the present day: same potential model, same buildings and same film technology. This collaboration has resulted in a project in three formats: 16mm film, 8mm film and 35mm slides.

Produced by The Moore Space in collaboration with Alisa Pitchenik, Associate Professor of Visual Arts/Electronic Intermedia and her students Ibett Yanez del Castillo, Carla D’alessio, Loriel Beltran and Alejandro Contreras from the New World School of the Arts- an educational partnership of The University of Florida, Miami-Dade College & Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Special thanks to Patrice Bailey, Dean of Theatre, NWSA, and Angelica Schack. Courtesy of the Artist and Casey Kaplan, New York


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Florida Calls…a project by Jonathan Monk