press release

Gallery Christina Wilson is pleased to show the first exhibition by Jon Pylypchuk (CAN) in Denmark.

At the exhibition You are the only one left, Pylypchuk shows a number of new sculptures, paintings and collages. Pylypchuk’s world is populated by figures who are by the artist described as pathetic characters – all of them types with whom you can only sympathise. They are animal-like characters with an either active or passive attitude towards the world Pylypchuk has chosen for them; some are climbing a mountain, others are boxing with a winged cloud. Another character is being peed on or beaten about the head by a cloud with a long penis.

Pylypchuk’s preferred materials for his characters are artificial fur, felt, cardboard and glue. His paintings are wooden plates screwed on a frame, always with visible screw holes. The surface is processed with glue, glitter, sand, and paint, after which the figures are added. Pylypchuk will write various statements on the surface, often laconic comments or indications of a sort of failure. His sculptures are made with similar materials – furry animals on thin legs, vomiting or wrapped up in bandages because an accident has just happened.

The landscape where the characters have been placed is a wasteland. The trees are small, naked sticks emerging from the naked ground (sand mixed with glue). In this barren and perhaps burned out world, what is of interest to Pylypchuk is the contact and dialogue between the characters. These aspects belong to the human world rather than to that of the animals. And although it is a tough world, it is also completely boys’ world-like unpredictable. Strange things may happen, and the tiger gives the finger to the sad character with the long, furry fringe on the hill. In Pylypchuk’s world you fight on, even if you may be the only one left, hurt, feeling ill, and have been pissed on.

Jonathan Pylypchuk was born in Canada in 1972. Together with a.o. Marcel Dzama and Neil Farber, Pylypchuk formed the group of artists, The Royal Art Lodge, who have had exhibitions at several museums, including The Drawing Center in New York (2003). The exhibitions also include several separate exhibitions at galleries in Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo.


Jonathan Pylypchuk - You are the only one left