press release

The exhibition is included in the programme conducted by the centre with artists working in the context, all of whom boast distinguished careers. The works have been produced specifically for the centre's space, and will enable viewers to approach the recent production of artists, such as Juan Luis Moraza (Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1960), who are key figures in contemporary art practices in Spain.

According to the artist, subjects such as conscience, desire, the human body, love and death, are not affected by progress, but, rather, they are eternal. In short, all those perceptive, psychic and mental complexities are called subjectivity. The exhibition presents a series of artistic trials which aim to become works of art, but whether they achieve this goal or not will depend upon how much the viewers feel them, whether they want them to become artworks. Art does not provide messages or contents – it offers unknown factors that make us feel, think, act, and makes us conscious of the uncompromising importance of materiality and the body. It is precisely this inevitably structured materiality that is offered for a reflection on contemporary subjectivity.

Curated by Beatriz Herraez

Juan Luis Moraza
Kurator: Beatriz Herraez