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magnus muller is pleased to announce Jürgen Mayer H.`s new exhibition Housewarming opening september 17th.

Housewarming is a hommage to Friedrich Kiesler´s 1947 exhibition design “Blood Flames” at HUGO Gallery in New York. Kiesler´s radical concept fused art, architecture and the visitor. An allover wall and floor painting sythesized the different art objects. By introducing interactive mechanisms to look at the art work, visitors are rendered as an integral part of the exhibition environment.

Jurgen Mayer H.´s exhibition Housewarming continues this process of fusing art object, visitor and space. Selected surfaces in the gallery space are interactive zones covered with temperature sensitve paint. By touching, the visitor leaves a temporary imprint of the bodie´s temperature landscape and becomes part of the exhibiton. Everything gets compressed into a surface with depth in time. In Jurgen Mayer H.s installations tectonic hierarchies are replaced by spatial continuity of surfaces. The lines between architecture and art are disappearing.

Formally Housewarming stems from an architectural aesthetic of the 1970´s. Early steps of continuous surfaces from to floor to wall to ceiling and around the corner can be read as the beginning of a contemporary discourse in architecture, perceiption and production of space, – here with a special focus on the dialogue between space and communication strategies.

Jurgen Mayer H. lives and works in Berlin. His architectural projects like the „Stadthaus“ in Scharnhauser Park near Stuttgart, received numerous international awards. Currently he is building „Metropol Parasol“ in the centre of Sevilla, Spain, as the new icon project of the city. Also under construction are a new student centre and dining hall for Karlsruhe University, and a penthouse in Copenhagen. His installation work was exhibited in international institutions, for example in „Superficial“ at the New Museum in New York City, in „ Glamour“ at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and in „Ctrl Space“ at the ZKM in Karlsruhe. His work is part of the permanent collections of i.e. SF Moma and MoMA New York.


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Jürgen Mayer H.: Housewarming