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Jussi Niva’s first solo exhibition in Kalhama & Piippo opens up yet another viewpoint to the artist’s recent expedition of the concepts of time and space. In his earlier works Twist and Fine Tuning Niva explored questions about time, duration and movement. Now in his new Diffus works Niva concentrates on the making up and braking down of a situation. At the same time, in an intriguing way, he moves more ambivalently in the middle ground between figurative and abstract: The subject of a painting is an extract of any earlier seen surroundings – a wall of a building, a glass surface or a view gliding past. The subject basis moves aside, however, as it disintegrates and spreads out as an abstract surface of paint. The subtly visible brush strokes catch the eye and function as a mark of the act of painting and the human imprint. The painting in itself is a kind of a performative event, and the work draws its ex istence from “following” that act. When the artist discusses his recent paintings, he refers to a kaleidoscopic reality that his avoidance of the frontal perspective and playing with the forms of the works intensify.

Niva graduated from the school of the Finnish Fine Arts Academy in 1988 and he represented Finland in the Venice Biennale in 1993. Niva lives and works in Helsinki and he acts as a lecturer of painting in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Niva’s paintings are currently shown in the Carnegie Art Award exhibition touring the Nordic countries.

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Jussi Niva