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Tellervo Kalleinen: "In the Middle of a Movie", 2003

For the last three years Finnish artist Tellervo Kalleinen had an unusual occupation: she traveled around the globe placing ads: "Plan a film scene in your home and give a Finnish woman a role in it". She went to every home where she was invited and acted in the roles she was given. Each scene is brief, and they vary as greatly as the imaginations of her writers in each country.

Altogether 65 film scenes were filmed in peoples’ homes - all of them very different from each others. The project was realized in Helsinki (Finland), Hamburg (Germany), Los Angeles (USA), Seydisfjördur (Iceland), St. Petersburg (Russia) and Tallinn (Estonia). Kalleinen worked with local cameramen as she wanted to grasp local aesthetics on films. The insights into the cities and the people are remarkable, from quiet domesticity to violent exploitation, revealing how people view the possibilities of video differently from country to country.

Tellervo Kalleinen, born 1975, is an artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. She works with videos, performances, music and social art projects.

Yoshiaki Kaihatsu: "The Party game" und "1000 KM"

THE PARTY GAME, 2001. Kaihatsu schreibt: "This film documents a trivial party game played in a standard student apartment in Tokyo. What I want to show here, is the essence of the issues that might be conceived in this everyday event. In this film, I have tried to challenge the limits of imagination and to see what lies beyond it."

In New York organisert Kaihatsu den "Thank You Art" ( und David Buob wird am Freitag in dem new york-7stock mit ihm und mit uns feiern. Erst ab 2.00 Uhr (Samstag).


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Kalleinen und Kaihatsu
Arbeiten von Tellervo Kalleinen und Yoshiaki Kaihatsu
11.03.2005, 20 Uhr