Platform Garanti

Istiklal Caddesi 276, Beyoglu
80050 Istanbul

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Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Centre presents the first comprehensive exhibition of Borga Kanturk and Ahmet Ogut along with a performance video series by Absalon shown in the back room. On the opening night of the exhibition the 20th December, Kanturk and Ogut will talk about their individual practices and their exhibition at 6pm.

Borga Kantürk who completed a three-month artist residency supported by Platform Garanti and HIAP in Helsinki earlier this year, uses painting as his artistic medium. He makes hand made copies of everyday objects and these experiments with 'artificiality' and 'constructedness' become an act of protest through recreating the original images while distorting and reframing them. Platform hosts a multi-layered selection from Borga Kanturk's oeuvre. There are works which designate an intimate space, introverted and secluded: play-dough sculptures, found toys, tiny fragile statuettes; little hand-crafted scenes, which bring together elements borrowed from TV and computer games and a series of paintings emulating landscape works of 19th Century romantic painters on a small-scale. Borga Kantürk has been working as a research assistant at Dokuz Eylul University Fine Art Faculty Painting Department.

Ahmet Ogut participates in the exhibition with three video works, one wall painting and a photographic series he produced in collaboration with Osman Bingol. Two video works "What a Lovely Day" and "Cut it Out" propose imaginary scenarios for real situations of cause and effect. "Death Kit Train", his most recent video work will be shown for the first time at Platform in the context of this exhibition. In 2005 Ogut completed a three-month residency at IAAB in Basel with support of Platform Garanti and Pro Helvetia. He is currently working as a research assistant at Yildiz Teknik University in Istanbul where he is continuing his graduate studies.

Absalon is best know for his cellules – wood and cardboard constructions, painted white inside and out – that were inspired by the idea that purity of design could revolutionise the way we live. The videos exhibited in the back room the artist performing in his cellules. Absalon was one of the artists included in the 3rd International Istanbul Biennial.


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Borga Kanturk and Ahmet Ogut
Back Room: Absalon