press release

Kunsthal Rotterdam presents work by contemporary artist Katinka Lampe. Her painted portraits exert a huge attraction on the beholders and directly evoke associations. Different from what the title of the exhibition might suggest Lampe gives her works neither titles nor names: this would only diminish the carefully constructed distance that she wants there to be between her portraits and those who see them. It is fully up to the observer to come up with an appropriate name for, or make up the story behind each portrait. Lampe portrays her models, who are generally quite young, with attributes that somehow seem to clash with their youthful innocence: a pair of sunglasses, headphones, balaclava, wig or hooded sweater. Meticulously and with a keen eye for beauty, she works at her portraits. However, Lampe does not want them to be seen as an exact representation of a person, but instead as an artistic concept of which the source can be traced back not only to magazines and newspapers but also to Old Master paintings. Lampe's work is vulnerable and distant, and both realistic and abstract at the same time.

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Katinka Lampe
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