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The new KMD building on the harbour front of Aalborg was finished in 2007. It has been decorated by artists from the newly-created Region of North Jutland. Our exhibition takes you on a virtual visit to the building, leading you through the stairway towers; there is also a display of sketches and the creative process in the artists’ workshop can be followed.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum and KMD, ApEx, AAU, SHRPA and Kulturaftale Nordjylland.

Artists Poul Anker Bech (Hjørring) Jenny Hansen (Jammerbugt) Mogens Hoff (Læsø) Anita Houvenaeghel (Mariagerfjord) Kirsten Klein (Morsø) Bruno Kjær (Aalborg) Erland Knudssøn Madsen (Thisted) Askel Krogh (Vesthimmerland) Britta Madsen & Søren Gøttrup (Rebild) Nils Sloth (Aalborg) Gorm Spaabæk (Brønderslev) Poul Winther (Frederikshavn)

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Künstler: Poul Anker Bech, Jenny Hansen, Mogens Hoff, Anita Houvenaeghel, Bruno Christensen Kjaer, Kirsten Klein, Erland Knudsson Madsen, Askel Krogh, Britta Madsen & Soren Gottrup, Nils Sloth, Gorm Spaabaek, Poul Winther