press release

Bunkier Sztuki is the first to present films documenting all of the public video projections by Krzysztof Wodiczko.

The artist did his first projection in 1996 in Cracow. The single tower of the municipal building on the Main Square in Cracow became the screen for the projection. After that, followed projections in Boston (1998), Hiroshima (1999), Tijuana (2001) and St. Louis (2004). They touched upon the most urgent problems of the local society: domestic violence, drug addiction, disabilities, post nuclear trauma, the exploitation and discrimination of women on the Mexican border, gun violence and crime in the US.

Although the projections have some similarities; their topics, the use of video as a medium and architecture as a screen - each one is constructed differently. The interviews with the protagonists of the projections were shown in many different ways. In Cracow it was a 30-minute looped material. In Tijuana it was presented with a live commentary by the protagonists. In St. Louis it was a projection with a live commentary by the public.

The documentation of the projections is accompanied by material containing an extensive documentation of the artist’s work techniques. It consists of recordings of rehearsals with equipment used during the recording of the commentaries and those before the projections, a TV interview with the artist and interviews with curators.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication in English and Polish, containing a full transcript of the projections, commentaries by the curators of the projects, critic’s articles and a long interview with the artist.


only in german

Krzysztof Wodiczko: Public projections 1996-2004
Kurator: Maria Anna Potocka
Koordinator: Anna Smolak