press release

For her residency at Watermill, visual artist Laleh Khorramian will be utilizing the time to develop the lead performance as well as soundtrack for an upcoming Science fiction film installation called M-Golis. Her focus will be on developing the main character, portrayed by actor Sean Daly. They will focus on character study, unearthing the psychological framework for the work, as well as storyboards.

The film is set on M-Golis, a once-habitable planet ravaged by chemical waste. Now, only prisoners sentenced to reverse the pollution by distributing remedial mushroom spores remain. The film investigates the life of one of the inmates, Lieutenant Aurelio Swimm (Sean Daly), and his relationship with the land, a hallucinogenic landscape of towering mushrooms and toxic transformation that echoes and influences his psychological state.

The musician and composer Shazad Ismaily is a frequent collaborator, and the M-Golis soundtrack will be their fourth collaboration.

Laleh Khorramian
Open Rehearsal
March 13, 2013 - 6:00pm