press release

Jean-Luc Vilmouth takes this initiative to choose and present works on what is, for him, a compelling theme : the perpetual and cyclical movement that drives the universe. Each piece tells of a vision of the world, and of a position in space and the cycle of time, screened by the retinal circularity of the artist's perception.

The gesture becomes part of a ritual. Each work expresses this, placing the visitor in a state of contemplation, absorption and reflection.

This body of works, shown in the castle at Carcassonne, strikes up a dialogue between different ways of addressing the world, but also between a seemingly unshakeable structure that is steeped in history and artworks which, each in their own way, tell of the fragility that underlies any human construction.


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Le doute est le sel de l’esprit
Carte blanche à Jean-Luc Vilmouth

mit Maurizio Cattelan, Hubert Duprat, Gina Pane, Jean-Luc Vilmouth