press release

The exhibition of ideas is the result of a year seminary which involved four young philosophers from the normale school in paris and a few students or young artists from villa arson. It was a reflexion about the concept in art and the concept in philosophy and on the exhibition mode we can find that is neither an illustration of philosophical theories nor a philosophical commentary of pieces created independently. The show is the visible part of this research. A small book has been published as a documentation. ‘A game’ is a collaborative project with Sébastien Massart and Nicolas Cilins where they are trying to question the performance medium. They put up a simple display : videocamera and projection, room, door. If the spectator is inside, he is a part of the game and if he is outside he becomes the witness and the voyeur. Between game and performance, the room allows the spectator to become himself an actor according to his own rules. This cabane in a childish simplicity can be opposed to the classicism of the exterior like if this one was just an archetype of the conventional museum display.

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L'exposition des idées
Kuratoren: Elie During, Patrice Maniglie, Joseph Mouton, Julien Bouillon

Künstler: Marion Charlet, Nicolas Cilins, Juan Luis-Gianni Gastaldi, Jeremie Grandsenne, Stephanie Granizo, Benjamin Hugard, Sarah Lis, Sandra Lorenzi, Camille Louis, Sebastien Massart, Ludovic Sauvage, Klaus Spiedel