press release

LIAF 2011 is an unfolding of events. What arises from the situations and discussions will form the festival?s manifest. It is a transient construction based on the presence of its participants, their works and the audience. This year`s festival – Something in the way – is an exhibition of 14 new works by 14 artists, and a symposium in a Lavvo with invited participants from various fields.

For the first time in LIAF´s history the festival takes place in Kabelvåg. We thought it fair that this place should have a chance to influence the works before they impose themselves here. Each artist was invited to visit Kabelvåg and then to return in the weeks leading up to the opening to continue the works. To meet a place with the intent of making art of it forces different approaches: from observer to sampler to intruder.

How is this meeting doable; with a humble curiosity, revealing what was previously hidden? As an active sampler, using the place as mouldable material without inhibition?

Something in the way looks for a compression, to see if expression and reflection can merge in one utterance without a distancing layer of jargon. It is an attempt at finding new idioms while surrounded by an already enormous articulation. This however is not an anti-theoretical position; it is rather describing weariness with the increasing demand to elucidate and justify artistic expressions. The more it is prearticulated, the more it leaves behind a sense of emptiness, of something lost. We want to include the gut feeling, the spontaneous and irrational reaction.

Lofoten has been a centre of much immigration, both voluntarily and involuntarily. We are here in the compromising position of being both insider and intruder. But this conflict is a suiting background for exploring what happens when one is not master of the prevailing language or social system. We have put together a symposium in two Lavvos. This takes place during the two days after the opening, and it will be the festivals meeting point. A symposium used to be an exchange of poetry and rhetorical games – a forum for philosophical discussions. It is an eating and drinking party under the watch of both Dionysos and Apollon: a coming together of intoxication and dialogue, transgression and reflection. The setting is made to influence both ways and full circle, from speaker to listener and back. This is what our Lavvo symposium is about – the energy of conversation and storytelling. A poetry of mistakes, of tripping up learned thinking and familiar systems. An attempt at transcending the limiting set of rules that define communication.

11.08 – 03.09 2011 Michel Auder (FR) | Steve Claydon (UK) | Anders Nordby (NO) | Arild Tveito (NO) | Markus Selg (DE) | Ann Cathrin November Høibo (NO) | Lindsay Seers (UK) | Kjersti Andvig (NO) | Ida Ekblad (NO) | Christoph Keller (DE) | Anna Molska (PL) | Habima Fuchs (CZ) | François Bucher (CO) | Simen Dyrhaug (NO) | Torpedo (NO)

12.08 – 13.08 2011 Trine Falch (NO) | Werner Linster (DE | John Giorno (US) | Delia Derbyshire (UK) – presented by Martin Guy (UK) | François Bucher (CO) & Isaias Mavisoy Jansasoy (CO) | Karl Larsson (SE) | Dausteg (NO) | Kristian Alm (NO) & Martin Horntvedt (NO) | Morten Strøksnes (NO) | Lawra Somby (NO) | Ellen Einan (NO) | Parallellaksjonen (NO)