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Liebes Ding - Object Love

Liebes Ding - Object Love reveals our intimate relations with things in a materialistic culture. As anthropologists know, a material culture reveals a way of living of a society.
Things are much more then just physical objects. They are made by people to meet our needs, practically, as well as emotionally. We make utensils and symbolic objects, which function as an extension of our bodies. We project meanings on them. We touch them and cherish them. We love objects and we hate them.

Over time, our relationship with things has changed. Through the development of technology and the consumer society, the number of things has exploded. Objects were invented to help us survive, but now we have to meet their demands. The things we have created ourselves threaten to outwit us.
‘We are living in a material world,’ sings Madonna. The average European possesses 10,000 things. We are never satisfied. But this craving for more exhausts the earth and can become our downfall.

Artists (optional)
Kathrin Ahäuser DE, Thomas Bayrle DE, Karsten Bott, DE, Machiel Braaksma NL, Melanie Bonajo, NL, Anton Cotteleer BE, Danielle Dean UK/US, Yvonne Dröge Wendel NL, Maarten Vanden Eynde BE/FR, Dimitar Genchev BG/NL, Andreas Gurksy DE, Ni Haifeng CN/NL, Jeroen van Loon NL, Vika Mitrichenko BR/NL, Olaf Mooij NL, Ted Noten NL, Min Oh KR/NL, Erwin Olaf NL, Maria Roosen NL, Superflex DK, Versluijs/Uyttenbroek NL, Erwin Wurm AT