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Pets of all kinds, human beings feeling all alone or human beings feeling like the centre of the universe. These topics are being addressed in Lisa Strömbeck's dreadful scenarios at Martin Asbæk Projects.

A leading motif in Strömbeck's work is the sense of isolation, loneliness and longing. Typically investigated in a black humorous way.

In Martin Asbæk Projects she shows collages and photography along with a video work carrying the title: In memory of all those who are working without ever getting a reward.

The video shows a dog that has a slice of sausage placed on its nose. The scene is static and the dog is just waiting and waiting for the sausage that it never seems to get.

In this tragic-comic way the dog re-enacts the relation of power between human beings (as well as between humans and pets). Or in different words the relation between employer and employee. Interpreted as a sadomasochistic tour de force with a trained dog as protagonist.

Pets play a key role in the work of Lisa Strömbeck. In Martin Asbæk Projects Strömbeck she also shows a series of photography called "After the epidemic" - with dogs, cats, rabbits and mice that seem either dead or in deep sleep.

Their undeterminable state is disturbing and yet the photos have a strongly hypnotic effect on the beholder. One is drawn towards the peacefulness of the animals.

Strömbeck's collages are made out of cuttings from photos, drawing and speech balloons. They look like scenes in a storyboard.

There is the nasty looking employer who says with a threatening look on his face: "I'm your boss" and the lonely man who is surrounded by extremely many pets and express great relief because somebody seem to care about him after all.

Lisa Strömbeck is educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1994-1999). She lives and works in Copenhagen and Ensligheten, Sweden.

Apart from her solo show in Martin Asbæk Projects she is also currently participating in the Swedish group show "Janssons Frestelse" at Overgaden – Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen.


Lisa Strömbeck
"I'm your boss" and other dreadful scenarios