press release

Färgfabriken is proud to annouce the opening of BODYWORK by Liz Cohen, open November 23 until February 5 2006. In her BODYWORK project, Liz Cohen is converting Färgfabriken’s main hall into a car body shop and a gym. Every day, throughout the exhibition period, she will be physically working to transform an old East German Trabant into an American Chevrolet El Camino. East German functionalism goes American low-rider. In parallel with this, Liz Cohen will be training her body so that she will also be able to present the finished car as a showroom bikini model.

Liz Cohen has said about the project that she hopes it will: “pose questions about the nature of transformation, about how we judge that which is different, and about the enormous efforts people make in order to become part of something.”

A tabloid-format magazine has been produced for the exhibition. It features an interview with Liz Cohen, texts by Jan Åman, Natalia Kazmierska and Karolina Ramqvist, and interviews with researchers at the National Institute for Working Life (Arbetslivsinstitutet) and the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman’s (JämO’s) office, among other material. After the exhibition, Färgfabriken will compile a book about the project.

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BODYWORK is the main installation in The Gender Turntable, that will be Sweden’s – if not the world’s – first equal opportunities lab. During it, one of today’s most fundamental social issues will be elucidated, explored and analysed – with full public access, in order to generate discussion and debate, and ensure relevance. Close to 25 seminars will be held during the exhibition period.

Equal opportunities issues will be viewed in an up-to-date, global perspective. They will also be linked to a host of other issues including, among many others, inner-city problems, working-life issues, the global tendencies of the 21st century, youth challenges, gender issues and sexuality.


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