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Luca Pignatelli will show a group of paintings using as support truck tarpaulins. These works evoke almost cinematically aspects of history of the western world. Luca Pignatelli has recently shown in Paris at Daniel Templon gallery (december 2005-january 2006), Fabrice Galvani gallery, Toulouse (march 2006), and in Germany at the gallery Davide Di Maggio, Berlin, (april- may 2006)

Giovanni Rizzoli will show a series of sculptures entitled "the five violinist", two swans with piercing, and a large painting that points to a specific theoretical position that conceive art, contrary to the present trend, as the visible manifestation that keeps within the infinite power of the terrific God of Caos and Indifference. . Giovanni Rizzoli has more recently had one man shows in Rome, at the gallery Alessandra Bonomo (december 2004- march 2005), in Florence at the gallery Poggiali e Forconi (may-september 2005), and in Genoa at the gallery Unimedia Modern (october-december 2005)

Duetto: Luca Pignatelli & Giovanni Rizzoli

At the gallery Ethan Cohen will inaugurate "Duetto" with the works of Luca Pignatelli and Giovanni Rizzoli. The drawings of Luca Pignatelli are notations that don't seek a decorative condition, but rather are architectural impression. The drawings of Giovanni Rizzoli are diagrams of the state of the soul and of objects that drawn decisevely and tenderly hark to distant emotions.

Luca Pignatelli has shown in many galleries, foundations and museums as Fondazione Mudima, Milan 1999, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, Accademie Royal de Belgique, Bruxelles 2002 2 Il nuovo ritretto di Europa", curated by Vittoria Cohen, Writings on his work are by Alessandro Riva, Achille Bonito Oliva, Donald Kuspit, Danilo Eccher.

Giovanni Rizzoli has shown in many galleries, foundations, museums and international events like The Klein Skulptur Triennale, Stuttgart 1998 curated by Werner Meyer, 48th Venice Biennale, d'Appertutto, curated by Harald Szeeman. Writings on his work are by Achille Bonito Oliva, Werner Meyer, Agnes Kohlmeyer, Marco Meneguzzo, Massimo Sgroi.

DUETTO: Luca Pignatelli & Giovanni Rizzoli
Recent Work
Two one-man shows May At Two Locations

May 11- June 2
White Box Annex Plus, New York

May 12 – 20
Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York