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GAMeC will hold the At Home Everywhere solo exhibition of Luca Vitone, the last stage of a three-part tour planned by GAMeC, the Casino Luxembourg and the O.K. Centrum für Gegenwartskunst in Linz.

The exhibition offers an overview of Vitone’s work since the 1980s from three different angles in each of the three sites it is shown and illustrates the variety of the means he uses: video, installations, photography, sound and performance. Thirteen works investigate the idea of belonging in all its aspects: from the standpoints of geography, culture and identity. The concept of place has always been at the centre of Vitone’s poetics and continues to be the object of his analysis that brings together conceptual rigour, poetry, folklore and history.

For GAMeC Vitone conceived also a sound installation for the public spaces in Bergamo – on show during the last week of the exhibition – and realized with the collaboration of GAMeC’s Mediatori Museali.

A monograph in three languages (English, German and Italian) will accompany the exhibition, with texts by Jimena Blázquez, Stefano Boeri, Emanuela De Cecco, Luca Lo Pinto, Roberto Pinto, Alessandro Rabottini, Astrid Wege, as well as by the three curators, and a conversation between Luca Vitone and Andrea Lissoni.

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Luca Vitone. at home everywhere
Kuratoren: Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Enrico Lunghi, Martin Sturm