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With the newly organized space of Palazzo Donà, the Foundation presents objects and sculptures, as well as installations and films in which light and movement become essential elements of the composition. The exhibition, prepared in collaboration with Galerie Denise René, includes works by masters of kinetic art, shows the Avant-garde origins of the movement and its influence on the art of today. The viewer is a participant in the project. His presence triggers movement and the play of light enriching the work of art with the dimension of time. This constant change confers ineffable quality to the work of art.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue in Italian and French with a complete photographic documentation, essays by Grzegorz Musial, Arnauld Pierre'a, Denise René, Andrzej Turowski, and biographical notes of the participating artists.

"Luce e Movimento / Lumière et Mouvement", Signum Foundation and Marsilio, Venice 2010, 128 pages.

only in german

Luce e Movimento (Light and Movement)
Kuratoren: Grzegorz Musial, Franck Marlot

Künstler: Martha Boto, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Horacio Garcia Rossi, Werner Graeff, László Moholy-Nagy, Julio Le Parc, Jozef Robakowski, Nicolas Schoeffer, Jesús Rafael Soto, Gregorio Vardanega