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With her new installation at Chisenhale Gallery, Lucia Nogueira plays on our all-too-human feelings of vulnerability. She confronts us literally with darkness, emptiness and the probability of an imminent destructive force. The intense pressure suggested by capped ductile gas pipes, rising through a concrete floor, is foiled by a fragile combination of glass and mercury. An extraordinary elegance constitutes the switch whereby a most awful violence might be unleashed.

Lucia Nogueira was born in Goiania, Brazil, in 1950. In 1975 she moved to London and attended the Chelsea School of Art (1976-9) and Central School of Art (1979-80).

This installation coincides with an exhibition of other work by Lucia Nogueira at the Mario Flecha Gallery, London.

Publication: An illustrated catalogue accompanies this exhibition with text by Adrian Searle.

With thanks to British Gas plc North Thames, Anthony Reynolds Gallery and the Cultural Fund of the Brazilian Embassy.

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Lucia Nogueira