press release

Magali Reus. Hot Cottons
03.11.2017 - 07.01.2018
Opens Friday 3 November at 8pm

Dutch artist Magali Reus creates sculptural objects through a working process that is one of continual accumulation and erasure. She is interested in how simple forms can generate an immediate chain of associations — memories of human, architectural or technological existence. By unplugging herself from the immediate associations we have for existing material things her sculptural practice allows ideas to perform different images of themselves.

Reus pollutes technical processes with the introduction of degraded details from the urban landscape. Industrialized or analogue fabrication methods — like casting or milling — are manipulated to integrate more organic impoverished materials. This collision of the hard and soft, the durable and ephemeral produces a tone of material choices that is continually flexible and rearranging. A single work for instance might include polyester resin forms that incorporate woven rope, chopped cabbage or volcanic sand. When abstractions such as colour or form merge, they are afforded the magical capacity to communicate content.

Multiplication frequently occurs in Reus’ works, like teeth, or bricks, or rows of houses, her work enacts the formal grammar of an object obviously connected to a larger and more purposeful system or logic. Her work considers the way comic exaggeration or stylized appropriation can shift the rhythm of how a surface is decoded by a viewer. Oversized or imitative forms might therefore be said to be performing, and in this way Reus’ work can be linked with conversations of material flirtatiousness, of sexuality or gender.

For Bergen Kunsthall, Reus is planning an extensive production of new works that will also appear in her subsequent exhibition at the South London Gallery in 2018. Reus has scrutinized the idea of units of mobility with an installation actively related to the different exhibition architectures of the two institutions. By means of rhythm and motion, demarcated episodes and metaphorical interruptions, the exhibition will consist of various chapters that can be regarded as one unified totality, but which will reveal itself gradually over time.

Magali Reus (b. 1981, The Hague) lives and works in London.

The exhibition has been produced by Bergen Kunsthall in collaboration with the South London Gallery. Supported by the Mondriaan Fund.