press release

Closed works, open works. Images, suggestions, personal relationships that will turn out to be unexpected and free. “The denied image”, a project by Manuela Cirino, enters a new phase, a vital evolution, again focused on the possibility of reconstructing the identity of an artwork through the eyes of others. Here is how it works: the viewer comes to Galleria Milano and sees the seven “closed works”, exhibited in the first room. Then, he or she is encouraged to make an empathetic choice and pick “his” or “her” work. Subsequently, each viewer makes a reservation and, at the arranged date, collects the piece and gives it a home for an established time, turning it into an “open work”. From that moment, a relationship begins, a unique personal history: the artwork gets out, breathes, settles down, interacts. Seven pieces in stand-by, waiting to find a place, in order to reveal what they keep inside. Once they are returned to the gallery, a new exhibition will be held, with all the “open” works and the written accounts collected in the travel journals that come with each of them. The invitation for the exhibit, therefore, is just the first stage of the “Denied image” project, which will later take place in the everyday intimacy of each house, in a journey full of stopovers. The second room in the gallery will show the five “open works” from the “Denied image” exhibition at Galleria Martano, held in April 2012, and the commentaries, drawings, sketches documenting the journey they embarked on together with their foster owners, who chose them and kept them in their homes.