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RAPTUS, a location specific project by the artist Marcello Maloberti, curated by Alessandro Rabottini It is the biggest exhibition ever dedicated to the artist by an Italian museum, and it is part of a series conceived to honor Arturo Toffetti.

Maloberti represents life as a RAPTUS, an unexpected and incontrollable action, an improvised explosion of energy and vitality. RAPTUS is an imposing installation consisting of objects, sounds, lights and images, it is a playful and bizarre mix of many expressive means.

The exhibition will be accompanied by one of the most exhaustive monographs ever dedicated to the artist, with texts by Sabine Folie (Director of the Generali Foundation in Vienna), Martin Herbert (European Editor of Modern Painters), the exhibition's curator Alessandro Rabottini and a lengthy conversation between Marcello Maloberti and Caroline Corbetta.

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Marcello Maloberti
Kurator: Alessandro Rabottini