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Marcus Kleinfeld (b. Berlin 1979) is interested in systems of power, both political and psychological, and how such systems govern the landscape of our everyday environment in an increasingly globalised world. Through his paintings, drawings, installations, collages and sculptures, Kleinfeld encourages a reconsideration of the world around us and the objects within it. He seeks to reconnect us with our surroundings by singling out objects and presenting them stripped of their contextualising environment, denuded of utility. The effect can be disconcerting and confrontational, challenging the viewer to reconsider her attitudes to the proliferation of images and symbols in contemporary society.

The sculptures and images exhibited here critique the insidious means by which systems of power, hierarchy, wealth, greed and oppression persist in contemporary society. The subjection of the human figure to depersonalising industrial processes emphasises the nature of contemporary experience. Yet this apparently despairing, critical stance is mitigated by the artist's sensitivity to, and empathy for, individual desires, ambitions and fears, the necessity of hope and the possibility of redemption.

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Marcus Kleinfeld