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The Mária Balážová's (1956) exhibition named Post-Geo represents a selection of her works from the last decade, which is actually the part of her long-lasting effort at the field of Post-geometric abstraction, and also which has been continually extended from 1992. We can see a crossing the borderline of the rigid geometric abstraction of the late Modern art, significant by its auto-reference, and our attention is targeting to the semi-figurative reading of the abstract painting field, which the most influential part is the stylized head and body of a snake. All the time, those features create the newly-defined configurations with an original movement and rest as an emblematic code, a constant value in the still-changing visual patterns of her works. The selection from the huge cycle The Serpent Geometry and also from the similar cycle the Japanese Cross represent such a type of a controlled re-evaluation of some of the Post-Modern tendencies, these is used by the author to create the new constellation of signs and pointed out the new re-defined meaning. Mária Balážová makes the configuration of snake bodies as a principal column of visual information, but the final arrangement is definitely ruled by the individual attitude of the author herself.

The group of the signal colors Mária Balážová enriches also by the other medium (for instance painting or graphic arts). There is also a change of the measurement depending from the chosen medium. A final variability covers painting as well as drawing or graphic possibilities, they are characteristic by the several-layers thinking with a strong under-layer in theirs morphology. For the cycle Chaos (from 2006) it is significant a breaking of snake bodies, in which the thinking in signs is eliminated and the image field is going through the principal change of configuration.

The ambivalence of The Serpent Geometry and using of the wide repertoar of signs, a system of messages and above-mentioned movements, especially an auto-citation, lead to the context of Post-Modern geometry in Mária Balážová's works. A synthetic thinking in the image, a correlation of semantic and visual field, is very specific in the context of Central European space as well.

Mária Balážová (born 1956 in Trnava, lives and works in Trnava)

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Maria Balazova
Post Geo
Kurator: Roman Gajdos