press release

Opening: Friday, 30th of October, 2015, 7:00 p.m.
Duration of exhibition: 31st of October, 2015 - 17th of January, 2016

Julika, the intern: I found it. Anger, not Corman:

At the Festival du Film Maudit in Biarritz in 1949 a different approach to collective dreams, myths and desire...images of magic rituals in which each sign points to some unknown transcendence...heightened sensuality resulting from the intensely opulent colours and the way individual images are blended imbue these films with a baroque splendour. ...inspired Roger Corman... Kenneth Anger‘s oeuvre at the Künstlerhaus Bremen is his first solo exhibition in Germany. ..catalogue will be published by Revolver. Kenneth Anger // Film als magisches Ritual

Rose, the employee: 2006, that was a decade ago, no one will even remember.

J: You know with Corman, it‘s just a claw through a curtain or a bulging eyeball. The audience members form their individual version of the monster. Then at the climax, the whole thing suddenly appears for a split-second. This is the communal-revolutionary moment. Everyone screams together.

R: That’s not why the shock scenes are short. If you have time to stare at the monster, you see how cheap the whole effect is.

J: You‘re a monster, come on.

R: At least I‘m not angry.

Marie Angeletti (b. 1984 in Marseille) recently presented her work at the Kunsthalle Wien, and had solo exhibitions among other at Le Consortium, Dijon, castillo/corrales, Paris, and Carlos/Ishikawa, London.