press release

Villa Tugendhat
24.05.2022 - 10.07.2022
Opening: 24.05.2022 6 pm

MARIT WOLTERS @ Villa Tugendhat - Inspirace
curated by Neli Hejkalová

Marit Wolters' work explores the relationship between nature and architecture and the various aspects of their intersection. Individual materials, exploration of their properties, local material histories and the theme of recycling in artwork often play a central role in her installations. At Villa Tugendhat, Marit will follow up on her 2017 research project at the Bauhaus Foundation in Dessau, during which she created a series of artefacts in the form of columns made of porous concrete with a mixture of sand from three Bauhaus locations. For Marit aerated concrete in its nature and composition is a direct link between architecture and nature. For the exhibition at Villa Tugendhat, approximately 60 concrete objects have been created using local materials (e.g. Bratčice sand, which formed the specifically yellowish colour of the Villa Tugendhat facade, sand from the compacted terrace in the villa's garden or clay from the garden itself). The surrounding space permeates the sculptures in the form of thousands of small air bubbles, just like the air that is being circulated through the villa by the built-in air conditioning system designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The space, and with it the sculptures, is breathing.

Opening TUE May 24th 2022 | 6 pm
Duration May 24th – Jul 10th 2022