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Martin Durazo’s project entitled Pain Management 100 is what he calls a three-month “hands on” laboratory meant to investigate and expose the connection between the illegal drug trade economy and the “legal” pharmaceutical drug economy. In Durazo’s installation, he will arouse the sensation of the popularized rave and drug culture and challenge society’s desensitized attitude toward the drug phenomenon by inspiring dialogue among the public on a local, national and global level. The laboratory’s run will also consist of a series of video interviews with the community along with installations concerned with images of the allure of drugs and other artistic aspects of the project.


Martin Durazo is a multi-media artist and curator whose work is concerned with the intersection between elements of high-design and the grittiness of social subcultures. He is best known for creating large scale installations combining video, sound, light, works on paper, ready made objects and performance. A sense of harmony emerges as the slick technical savvy of video and sound gadgetry is balanced by the raw energy of industrial materials such as clamps and martial arts weapons like thrown ninja stars. The dense web of shifting structural poetry created by his works invites and mesmerizes. He received his M.F.A. from UCLA and B.A. from Pitzer College. Recent exhibitions have included solo shows at the Mark Moore Gallery, Galería MDF in Mexico City, Harris Art Gallery at the University of LaVerne, Bank Gallery in LA, and at Jail Gallery in LA. From 1995 to 2003 Durazo co-owned and directed Miller-Durazo Contemporary Artists Projects and in 2007 created Empathy Design Company as a temporary curatorial/artist project. He has also been a producer for KPFK radio, where he is regularly featured in discussion about art and social issues.

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Martin Durazo
Pain Management 100