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Mirror is a major new CinemaScope film presented as a double screen projection. Inspired by the work of director Antonioni, Mirror creates an atmospheric image of the in-between, the nameless somewhere between belonging and isolation. A woman, a man, guests at an evening party; a love affair evaporates. The images shift, objects and people disappear and recompose. Frozen tableaux are animated by light alone. The light creates connections but also isolates the figures and separates them from the surrounding space. Like the axis of a mirror, the single image is separated into two halves. Mirror visualises its characters experience of decentralisation and dislocation.

Beacon similarly evokes the atmosphere of the in-between through reverie on our romantic connotations of the sea, as container of history, exotic underworld, and means of escape and travel. Combining travelogue footage and appropriated clips from feature films, the result is a single, imaginary locale.

Play is a montage of found footage of audiences in which the onscreen action can only be seen reflected in the facial expressions and gestures of the audience. In edited sequences of analogous reactions, individual behaviour condenses into collective behaviour. The event is transferred from the stage to the hall; audience members become the actors in an unpredictable drama.

On Sites night-viewed projection window the artists will be showing individual works Half Second Hand by Christoph Girardet and Promises by Matthias Mller.

Christoph Girardet and Matthias Mller are international artists who have gained a reputation for working with the manipulation of found footage on both collaborative and solo projects. Exhibition in association with Timothy Taylor Gallery


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Matthias Müller / Christoph Girardet