press release

Opening: Thursday, June 22, 6-8 pm

I-20 is pleased to present its fifth group show, Men, organized by artist Ellen Altfest. The exhibition includes ten paintings of men made by women.

Loosely tied together by the vocabulary of representational painting, the works in the exhibition are as varied as the artists themselves who range in age from twenty-five to ninety. Men are portrayed with lust, empathy, humor and derision. The images are candid and outspoken.

The exhibition's open-endedness encompasses the diversity of attitudes of women today. Women have feelings about men they know personally, opinions about male figures in power, and a complex spectrum of observations in between.

The artists in the show make work to satisfy their own personal and ideological objectives. In this way, the exhibition is as much about the ten women making these paintings as it is about the men represented within them.

Kurator: Ellen Altfest

mit Ellen Altfest, Katherine Bernhardt, Chie Fueki. Hilary Harkness. Karen Heagle, Marina Kappos, Catherine Murphy, Ridykeulous , Jo Robertson, Clare E. Rojas, Sylvia Sleigh