press release

This group show brings together works by a selection of artists whose works define, interpret and/or reject the city, as well as describe how they navigate it. This exhibition includes works in a diversity of media including painting, sculpture, video, photography, performance and public art.



mit Jules de Balincourt, Isaac Diggs, Brock Enright, Kota Ezawa, Justin Faunce, Kianga Ford, Adler Guerrier, Quisqueya Henriquez, Jonathan Hernandez, Richard Jackson, Marisa Jahn and Steve Shada, Nikki S. Lee, Helen Levitt, Susan Lee-Chun, Beatriz Monteavaro, Lucy Orta, Damian Ortega, Sven Pahlsson, Chemi Rosado-Seijo, George Sanchez-Calderon, Reena Spaulings, Henry Taylor, Ryan Trecartin, Hank Willis Thomas, Michael Vasquez