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The German sound and visual artist Michael Vorfeld will engage in two events on 8 and 9 November at LACE. The first evening will feature a solo concert in which Vorfeld will perform on percussion and self-made string instruments, creating a texturally rich soundscape that is uniquely responsive to the acoustics of LACE's exhibition space. Later that evening, Vorfeld will perform percussion in a trio with Jeremy Drake (guitar) and Chris Heenan (alto saxophone, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet) under the collective title Team Up. On the second evening, Vorfeld will give an "electro-acoustic" performance wherein he makes use of the electrical activity of light bulb filaments to generate an audio-visual work in which "the performer acts as a musician, a light artist and a technician at the same time." This performance will be followed by a lecture on artistic practice in which Vorfeld will discuss the compositional ideas out of which he develops his music, light and sound projects. He will also speak about improvisation and its use in the collaborative projects in which he is involved.

These events represent LACE's commitment to showcasing new and experimental music and sound art. The opportunity to present an international performing artist of Vorfeld's caliber in Los Angeles will set a new standard for LACE's future music programming.


Michael Vorfeld
Live Performances Wednesday 8 & Thursday 9 November 2006, 7:30pm