press release

Midnight Fruits

Opening: 20.06.2021 18:00

Nightlife is back!

Curator Alexandre Stipanovich has created Midnight Fruits, a club inside Lily Robert gallery, in homage to the world of nightlife lost to the pandemic.
Rafael de Cárdenas designed the environment in collaboration with audio designer OJAS to create an arena for five artists, all of which share a passion for nightlife:
Spencer Sweeney founded Santos Party House, the downtown club for which he produced his Party Paintings (on view); Shayne Oliver founded cult label, Hood By Air, drawing inspiration from the New York underground scene where he has remained a long-time fixture; Sylvie Fleury is master of the art of being forever party-ready, playing on both the frivolity and the life-changing potential of partying; Jonny Negron portrays ethereal creatures, dangerous and sensual from louche and seductive places; Genevieve Goffman builds a metaphorical bar, where sculptural bottles tell stories of parties from around the globe—from London’s East End to Los Angeles’s Chateau Marmont. Simonez Wolf will host the opening of Midnight Fruits on June 20th, while Louise Chen will bring the club to life with her favorite tracks.