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Mirror Trance is the result of a strange symbiotic form of parallelism that we have discovered from the first moment we met. A common thread between our geog- raphy, which is reflected in the habits, ways of looking, on the selection and attraction to specific materials. ...A selected number of identical instruments, collected from each, even before our first meeting, is the way to a series of actions that are complementary imitating each other. The objects themselves dont actually have much of a direct meaning or relationship to the actions and sounds as such …. it is more a transition that we feel that we have to make, a shifting into the invisible side and then these actions and sounds are the images and stories that we have had since the beinning and we always mirror them again and again with different forms and narratives. Mirror Trance shows different scored actions with a partition featuring an operational soundtheater involv- ing imitation actions, silent and duration games, using private and public properties that include found and produced objects and instruments. Challenging the wide range of perceptive listening, the involvement of space in performance and possible instructions for public interaction spiced up with the constant question of what is experience. With their first encounter, Francesco Cavaliere & Mar- cel Türkowsky immediately shared a fascination for the meaning of musical experience and the question of the musical act within different cultural contexts. Their use of specific objects referring to stories from the process of working together and the idiosyncratic approaches constantly push them to cross the river that seperates music and fine art, to leave new bridges behind. Cava- liere & Türkowsky, inspired by the Walter Marchetti thought of freeing oneself from ‘Cage’s cage’, create works in the fields of music, performance, visual art, composition, dance, anthropology and archeology. Currently they are also associated with their curational program Whistle, Minotaure!, action music groups Alberorovesciato, Cones, Canou, Datashock, Doro Bengala, Jonbo n Jovi, Mollusca, Snake Figures Arkestra, Uuhuu, Wooden Veil. and the Edion Har- pokrates founded by Marcel Türkowsky to publish art objects (book, vinyl, boxes, tapes) that deal with the understanding of the borderlands between the worlds of art and music.

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Mirror Trance Aktion Performance
Marcel Türkowsky & Francesco Cavalere
Kurator: Krzy Gutfranski