press release

This could easily become a welcome research for OOPARTS – short for Out-Of-Place artifacts or artifacts unavailable at any historical time.

It is a tradition already to feel bad about the imperfection and patchiness of the fossil record. However this has never managed to put a stop to the search for the missing link. Eerily, the need to complete and resolve that record triggers new discoveries seeking re-insertion and repeated inclusions into a larger tree of life. The buried grandeur of The Great Chain of Being still claims a need for docile transitions, nearly perfect and almost coherent conceptual bridges, and above all for a series of key artifacts that can artfully smooth down the creases and folds of an unruly historical tapestry. Even if the final and glorious proof is always missing in action, it acts in its own absence still, spewing portentous inferences and ominous deductions and providing us with some of the necessary tangible stepping stones. We look for the magnificent very early avant-garde culprits too good to be true or for the superior alien interlocutors as all too generous and hidden benefactors of the human civilization on planet Earth. We look for the magical spells and talismans able to offer us easy access into higher realms of plenty.

Long overdue, we are maybe now ready to acknowledge our need to keep filling up the curiosity cabinet. Two artists and one mathematician and ufologist are here to provide at least some of the missing parts.

Following the common rules of serendipity, the gathered artifacts may even become unintended pieces of alarmist propaganda, while still being just a series of small clues as to the doom of underlying order.

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Dan D. Farcas, Razvan Botis, Lee Welch
Kurator: Stefan Tiron