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Monika Sosnowska (1972, Ryki, Poland) creates installations where perspective and perception are altered to the extreme. The aim is to generate disorientation by using environments with a familiar form and structure. Corridors, obsessive sequences of doors, dilated perspectives. The artist’s primary focus is undoubtedly on the architectural and the aesthetic, which form the basis of all her projects; by decomposing and recomposing space, she creates an abstract dimension, a new space that is not only physical but also mental, and which stimulates the dreams, anxieties and fantasies of the viewer. Sosnowska has exhibited at the Gwanju Biennale, at Manifesta, and at the Biennale of Istanbul. She lives and works in Warsaw. In Italy she has shown work at the 50th Venice Biennale.

For Galleria Continua Monika Sosnowska has produced an environmental-architectural work, creating in some of the first-floor rooms of the gallery a singular and disturbing labyrinth entitled The Room. The work consists of a narrow, intricate path, made even more hemmed-in and alienating by the lowered roofs, the wallpaper and the carpeting of the entire floor area. In this museum-sized work, the artist draws on and reworks her memory of the interiors of her childhood: the claustrophobic nature of Polish apartments but also the recurrent dream of becoming bodiless, thereby managing, like a ghost, to elude and move beyond the fixity of real layout boundaries. With The Room, Monika Sosnowska seems almost to pose a challenge: to face the labyrinth, to accept a loss of orientation and to embark on a solitary, unknown path, allowing oneself to become completely involved in the physical reception of spatial sensations.


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Monika Sosnowska
The Room