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Moving Pictures will bring together some 150 works by 55 contemporary artists who use photography, films and video as a means of creative expression.

The exhibition focuses upon the extensive use of reproducible media which has been observed over the last ten years and proposes that the precursor of this phenomenon was the art of the late sixties and seventies, a period in which moving pictures formed the conceptual basis for the work of a number of artists. The exhibition includes works by important contemporary artists such as Christian Boltanski, Rineke Dijkstra, Stan Douglas, Olafur Eliasson, Fischli/Weiss, Anna Gaskell, Andreas Gursky, Pierre Huyghe, William Kentridge, Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Gabriel Orozco, Cindy Sherman, Thomas Struth, Sam Taylor-Wood, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Kara Walker, as well as the creations of Marina Abramovic, one of the pioneers of this means of expression.

Over the last three decades, artists have turned to photography, film, and video as tools with which to articulate their conceptual practices. Whether recording performances or ephemeral events or constructing new realities, these artists have used reproducible mediums as their primary art forms. Eschewing a directly documentary impulse, they have manipulated their representations of the empirical world or have invented entirely new cosmologies. Some artists directly intervene in the environment, subtly shifting components of the found world and establishing their presence in it, while others fabricate fictional environments for the camera lens. This exhibition, drawn from the Guggenheim Museums' collection, will consider the prevalence of such practices in the art of the last ten years.

Moving Pictures / Imagenes en movimiento
Contemporary Photography and Video from the Guggenheim Museum Collections

Künstler: Anna Gaskell, Gabriel Orozco, Mariko Mori, Pipilotti Rist, Marina Abramovic, Francis Alÿs, Matthew Barney, Uta Barth, Oliver Boberg, Jeff Burton, James Casebere, Patty Chang, Miles Coolidge, Gregory Crewdson, Thomas Demand, Rineke Dijkstra, Trisha Donnelly, Stan Douglas, Olafur Eliasson, Elger Esser, Fischli / Weiss, Thomas Flechtner, Nan Goldin, Douglas Gordon, Katy Grannan, Andreas Gursky, Ann Hamilton, Anthony Hernandez, Pierre Huyghe, William Kentridge, Glenn Ligon, Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, Annette Messager, Shirin Neshat, Rika Noguchi, Catherine Opie, John Pilson, Michal Rovner, Thomas Ruff, Anri Sala, Jörg Sasse, Simon Starling, Thomas Struth, Sam Taylor-Wood, Diana Thater, Wolfgang Tillmans, Kara Walker, Jane & Louise Wilson