press release

Moyna Flannigan intervenes within the interiors of Mount Stuart, "to leave a trace without disturbing the balance of the house".

The intervention includes existing work and a number of new paintings and drawings, which are produced in response to the context and art history of the public interiors and collections, at the same time developing the artist's practice. The accommodation and relation of the work within five locations - reception room, main stair, and bedrooms - is an important consideration for the artist.

A central new painting is placed in the Drawing Room, together with a vitrine containing a miniature and objects from the archive. Two major paintings are sited on the Marble Staircase and a series of smaller black paintings in Henry VIII bedroom.

Reflections of the different aspects of family life, birth, daily life, eating, sleeping, loving, dying are represented in a series of new drawings in the Family Bedroom.

The reflected nature of Flannigan's fictional contemporary works: a familiar yet illusory narrative, extraordinary quality of paint, ink and pastel and interaction with the context of the interiors and archive, defines these works.

Moyna Flannigan
A Footprint in the Hall