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What is the trend in the new art? ARKEN offers a definition, spotlighting the term “the naïve” as a recent trend in contemporary art. Today contemporary art is characterised by a liberating unpretentiousness and unaffected style. The artists frequently go for banal or everyday subjects which they depict with irony and casual comedy.

The new naïve is not a style. Rather it is a particular perspective from which the artists regard the world. Their works appear as anarchistic ragbags filled with equal parts humour and seriousness. Often the seemingly naïve idiom holds existential messages.

The exhibition presents painting, sculpture, installation and video art by significant international artists in ARKEN’s Collection: Damien Hirst, Tal R, John Kørner, Noble & Webster, Tilo Baumgärtel, Jesper Just a.o.


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Naivism in contemporary art
ARKEN’s Collection

mit Damien Hirst, Tal R, John Korner, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Tilo Baumgärtel, Jesper Just, u.a.