Via Nizza 138, angolo Via Cagliari
I-00198 Rome

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3 February 2021 – 20 June 2021
#Solo/Multie of the 1970s, prior to his untimely death at the age of thirty-two.

French artist and designer Nathalie Du Pasquier (Bordeaux, 1957) presents, in the context of SOLO/MULTI, her first major solo exhibition in an Italian museum. Titled Campo di Marte, the show is conceived as a Gesamtkunstwerk — a “silent symphony” in the artist’s words — that incorporates a body of about one hundred works made from the 1980s to the present.

Setting aside the traditional idea of a retrospective, the exhibition comes to terms with the vast size of the space, becoming a single, large, dynamic installation of multiple forms. Working on the walls as if they were immense canvases, the artist transforms the space into a unified scenario where visitors are encouraged to approach paintings, three-dimensional constructions, prints and drawings, juxtaposed according to various logical parameters.

With the support of Mutina, Pace Gallery, Apalazzo Gallery, Symetria, Nuovi Mecenati – Fondazione franco-italiana di sostegno alla creazione contemporanea, Académie de France à Rome – Villa Médicis.