press release

19.01.2018 - 30.04.2018
VERNISSAGE JANUARY 19.01.2018 18:30
venue: Palais Fesch, Aiacciu

The Palais Fesch - Museum of Fine Arts and FRAC Corsica join forces to present in the rooms of the Ajaccio Museum a project based on the meeting of ancient and contemporary art: NATUREL PAS NATUREL. Often mentioned in a general way, without precision of context or point of view, the relation to nature is neither perennial nor simple. It depends on so many parameters that it reveals conceptions of the world and humanity. The questions about this essential link are themselves revealing in the way they are posed and by whom. If today they take an importance that invades all areas of life to the political field that is obliged to devote spaces, artists have not waited to address the vertigo of this relationship. It remains primitive whatever the degree of sophistication of a society, fundamental component of existence, it is also of the thought of art and philosophy.

The exhibition will reveal the choices and postures of artists who have expressed themselves and expressed themselves while being aware of the realities of their time.

The project also includes works borrowed from other fine arts museums, Parisian institutions and other FRAC (s), partner institutions of the operation.

This exhibition is also an opportunity to present for the first time in Corsica works by Pablo Picasso, which will be a first-rate event.

This exhibition is realized with the exceptional support of the National Museum Picasso-Paris