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The starting point of the concept is the current degrading dialog between artists, theoreticians and the public, and the concept itself is focusing on re-establishing the credibility of contemporary art. Our concept must be seen as a part of a consequent development of the “Koroska Gallery of Fine Arts Slovenj Gradec“ towards social aesthetics and as a start of a series of necessary discourses.

The four-weeks lasting „necessary discourse on hysteria“ wants to revive museums and to face up to the responsibility of aesthetical education. Artists of two generations will visualise, intervene and interact together with theoreticians on the issue of social hysteria. During the first week everyone will be able to experience the process of an exhibition-installation, and in the remaining weeks there will be room for performances, discussions, theatre, talks, speeches and video works.

Terror, Genetic Engineering, Consumer Society/Isolation, Mass-Information, Power of Media, Profiling, Supershows, Identity, Privacy, Noise Consumption, Sweet-life and Ideology are topics which will be treated and interpreted by FLATZ (A/D), Polona Tratnik (Slo), Mukul Deora (Indien), Viktor Bernik (Slo), Pinopoggi (I/D), Metka Zupanic (Slo), Vesna Bukovec (Slo), Tadej Pogacar (Slo), Tanja Vujinovic (Srb/Slo), Jasha (Slo), Joze Barsi (Slo), Timm Ulrichs & Ursula Neugebauer (D).

Essayists who will be participating are Simon Bryceson (GB), Caroline Kihato (RSA), Dr. Peter N. Kirstein (USA), Spela Spanzel (SLO), Ursula Sladek (D) and Marko Kosan (SLO).

A mainly artists-free space for creating on the concept of necessary discourse will take place in the interaction hall. There will also be worktables for visitors to leave their comments, thoughts and reactions on an individual topic, and so help create an additional public document. The complete necessary discourse will be artistically documented by Julie Upmeyer (Turkey/USA).

The documentations through the essayists` texts, press-material, photos and videos of the artworks and discourse-events will be produced afterwards and can be ordered ordered on

Each participating artist will also produce a to 59 pieces, limited discourse-object related to his work and topic!

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necessary discourse on hysteria
Kuratoren: Radopoggi, Jernej Kozar

Künstler: Pino Poggi, Timm Ulrichs, Flatz , Ursula Neugebauer, Jasha, Metka Zupanic, Vesna Bukovec, Viktor Bernik, Julie Upmeyer, Mukul Deora