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In de Invited by- series, Z33 invites a young curator to develop an exhibition project. this time, bolwerK - a non-exclusive, temporary constellation that initiates, mediates and facilitates projects, in which reflection and action are key - takes the lead.

Nepotists, opportunists, friends, freaks and strangers intersecting in the grey zone is a project in which social role definitions, movements and questions inside and outside of the art scene cross. The mise-en-scène in Z33 becomes a mise-en-action in which the artist, visitor or the public at large is addressed on his/her presence, own responsibility and potentiality to act. The undefined zone breaks free from the framework of the classical presentation spaces, both in form and structure. In this manner, the white or black box becomes grey or coloured, and always changeable.


IN SEARCH OF A SOURCE / NETWORK 7 February – March 31


curator: bolwerK

only in german

Nepotists, opportunists, friends, freaks and strangers intersecting in the grey zone
Kurator: Bolwerk 

Künstler: 8Septante , Helga Baert, Kurt Cornelis, Audrey Cottin, Delphine Deguislage, Lise Duclaux, Vincent Dunoyer, Factory of Found Clothes , FLACC , Frans Masereel Centrum, Dora Garcia, Wannes Goetschalckx, Katja Gretzinger, Gynaika, Koen Hagedoorns, Paul Hendrikse, HackerSpace Brussels , David Helbich, Saskia Holmkvist, Annette Hollywood, Pepa Ivanova & Maria Lukova, Kris Kimpe, Johanna Kirsch, Koninklijke HACK , The League of Noble Peers , Rebecca Lenaerts, Sara Manente & Ondine Cloez, & Michiel Reynaert, Martaque , Mobile Institute , The New ImagiNatives , nadine , Oostenrijks Cultuurforum , Karl Philips, radio arthur  (Franziska Glozer, Lucie Kolb, Valentina Stieger, Anna Frei), Katrien Oosterlinck / Jordi Ferreiro, radical hope , Laia Sadurni, Tuning People , Marthe van Dessel, Benjamin Vandewalle & Erki De Vries, Kaat Van Looken, Anke Vanquathoven, Karen Verschooren, Catherine Vertige & Kosten Koper, Caroline Vincart, Stadswandelgids , Christine Woditschka, Zaal Belgie, Zorka Wollny, Zweedse Ambassade