press release

Nomadic Reverie or The Politics of Borders brings together a group of artists whose practice is largely made up under notions of exploration and travel. Those seven artists approach these themes from a series of alternative perspectives. Matt Golden and Ruairiadh O’Connell adopt the role of ‘astronomer’: creating romanticized visions of the world existing beyond their own borders. O’Connell has produced lo-fi photocopies of images of cacti. With a nostalgia for the American west. they act as a note on better days, the new found land and great expectations, but also a time of isolation; alone in the dessert. Golden’s series of ‘chairs’ made from antique picture frames create chance narratives as images from differing places and times in history fuse, creating a space quite literally for the armchair traveller. In ‘Six Years in the Bath’, he presents the viewer with an open book and the record of an event. A look at how the boundaries of art movements evolve and shift over time. Rana Begum, Aya Haidar and Natsue Ikeda have made works as a direct result of their travels. Ikeda will present a still-image video of a security guard patrolling an area of urban wasteland in her native Japan. A probe into the purpose of his routine. Aya Haidar, has collected envelopes addressed to the United Nations Embassy in her native Lebanon. The texts of which have been doctored, damn certain aspects and demand explanation for others. Rana Begum’s work is a sculptural marriage of her Islamic roots and Western environment. Begum’s brilliance of colour, geometric patterning and defined architecture, counteracts subtle shapes and hues of a cosmopolitan London. Nathaniel Rackowe’s sculptures, are an embodiment of the urban landscape. Gently reshaping their surroundings, whilst dictating and patrolling their own boundaries.

Nomadic Reverie or the Politics of Borders
Kurator: Matt Golden

Künstler: Matt Golden, Ruairiadh O´Connell, Rana Begum, Aya Haidar, Natsue Ikeda, Nathaniel Rackowe