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South and South East Asia are rapidly becoming central actors on the world stage. The economic growth there overshadows that of Europe and the United States, and new Asian capital plays an increasingly important role in Western economies.

Its economic success is accompanied by serious friction between modern and traditional social structures, and the great and long-standing contrasts in the political, economic, religious and social realms are becoming sharper. These changes impact radically on everyday life - and are reflected in the turbulent growth of photography.

Asia is generally associated with China, South Korea and Japan. For the first time, Another Asia is offering a comprehensive picture of the other Asia. In over 700 photos, from portraits to landscapes, from poetic to documentary, photographers from India, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines and other countries provide a surprising picture of this region, from the inside. They sketch the success story - and the stories that it hides.


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13th Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2006 Another Asia
Photography from South and South East Asia

mit Dinh Q. Le, Yee I-Lann, Shahidul Alam, Rajesh Vora, Jan Banning, Philip Blenkinsop, Henk Braam, Howard Henry Chen, Binh Danh, James Whitlow Delano, Wijanda Deroo, Stephen Dupont, Khiang Han Hei, Claudio Hils, Jurgen Huiskes, Stephane Janin, Ed Kashi, Kalpesh Lathigra, Tri Huu Luu, Annu Palakunnathu Matthew, Dominique Merigard, Boris Missirkov, Fernando Moleres, Nick Nostitz, Federica Palmarin, Nicolas Pascarel, John Perkins, Tom Pietrasik, Matthew Sleeth, John Stanmeyer, Andrew Testa, John Vink, Pablo Bartholomew, Achinto Bhadra, Huang Zann Huizhen, Phuoc Bui Huu, Remissa Mak, Anay Mann, Palani Mohan, Bui The Trung Nam, Wawi Navarozza, Swan Ti Ng, Sudharak Olwe, Sherman Ong, Kaeowkao Pongpaiboon, Pushpamala N. , Wahyudi Rahardjo, Vandy Rattana, Michael Shaowanasai, Vannaphone Sitthirath, Farhana Syeda, Edward Fitzgerald Charlesworth, Kanu Gandhi & Saleem Arif Quadri, Sue Hajdu, Nishtha Jain, Christophe Loviny, Eduardo Masferré, Mai Nam, Raza Kazim & Rashida Raza ...