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What is special about the Nordic landscape? How is it employed by today’s photographers? ARKEN’s summer exhibition explores these questions by uniting landscape photographers from the Nordic countries.

A mere ten years ago, very few photographers in Scandinavia employed the landscape as subject matter. This has changed dramatically in recent years when an increasing number of photographers in different ways approach and utilise the landscape. The exhibition shows how the landscape can both appear as a reflection of a frame of mind and as a concrete registration of a place.


Denmark: Per Bak Jensen Kirsten Klein Tove Kurtzweil Camilla Holmgren Finn Larsen Jeanette Land Schou Erik Steffensen Lotte Fløe Christensen

Finland: Elina Brotherus Aino Kannisto Ilkka Halso Martti Jämsä Jari Silomäki Susanna Majuri

Norway: A K Dolven Torbjørn Rødland Dag Alveng

Iceland: María Kjartansdottir Olafur Eliasson

Sweden: Lars Tunbjörk Annica Karlsson Rixon Gerry Johansson Anna Strand

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Nordic Moods – Landscape Photography of Our Time

mit Dag Alveng, Elina Brotherus, Lotte Floe Christensen, Olafur Eliasson, A K Dolven, Ilkka Halso, Camilla Holmgren, Martti Jämsä, Per Bak Jensen, Gerry Johansson, Aino Kannisto, Maria Kjartansdottir, Kirsten Klein, Tove Kurtzweil, Finn Larsen, Susanna Majuri, Annica Karlsson Rixon, Torbjorn Rodland, Jeanette Land Schou, Jari Silomäki, Erik Steffensen, Anna Strand, Lars Tunbjörk ...