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Inspired by Margate, a seaside town associated throughout history with youth experience, Nothing in the World But Youth encompasses the excitement, energy and pulsating creativity of the young, bringing together over 200 works by 94 artists in an examination of youth. The exhibition reflects and examines the complex picture of teenage lives and the differing views society has of its young people since the end of the nineteenth century. It includes works by internationally and nationally acclaimed artists, including Henry Moore, Peter Blake, Sarah Lucas, Andy Warhol, Mark Leckey, Jim Lambie and David Hockney.

These are exhibited alongside early works by JMW Turner, who visited Margate regularly during his own adolescence.

The exhibition takes four main themes as a starting point to consider society's ambivalent views of its own young people, whilst celebrating teenagers' vibrant culture and the important role they play in society: Place, Space and Territory; Groups and Individuals; Rebellion and Responsibility; and Boys, Girls, Sexuality and Growing Up.

Reflecting the vibrancy of youth culture, it also includes objects such as a jacket customised by David Bowie as a teenager, iconic footwear, and a collection of magazines, posters, and other memorabilia from the post-punk period from the Mott Collection. There is a special selection of films about adolescence available for visitors to watch at their leisure.

“Nothing in the World But Youth is an exciting and vibrant exhibition containing a huge range of artworks. Although it focuses on what it is to be young, the theme is universal and the content is sure to spark memories for all our visitors, young or old. The theme of youth is also particularly relevant to Margate, and the town’s own connection with youth culture.” (Victoria Pomery, Director Turner Contemporary)

Nothing in the World But Youth

Iain Aitch, Craig Ames, Diane Arbus, Hernan Bas, Sadie Benning, Margareta Berger-Hamerschlag, Bernadette Corporation, Peter Blake, Mohamed Bourouissa, David Bowie, Martin Boyce, Martin Brand, Glenn Brown, Gerald Leslie Brockhurst, Heath Bunting, Vanley Burke, Will Burns and Peter Moffat, Etienne Carjat, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Mark Cohen [USA], Phil Collins, Michael Craig-Martin, Dexter Dalwood, Matthew Darbyshire, Enrico David, Bruce Davidson, Corinne Day, Rineke Dijkstra, Graham Dolphin, Jason Evans with Simon Foxton, Anita Fricek, Julian Germain, Julian Germain with Nick Kidney, Toby Glanville, Henry Grant, S. Mark Gubb, David Haines, Richard Hamilton, Bill Henson, Iain Hetherington, Lewis Hine, David Hockney, Mary Husted, Chantal Joffe, Sarah Jones, Heidi Kemp, Chris Killip, Terence Koh, Friedrich Kunath, Jim Lambie, Darcy Lange, Mark Leckey, G.P. Lewis, Glenn Ligon, Lisa Lindvay, Sarah Lucas, Andrew Mania, Raymond Mason, Philippe Mayaux, Roger Mayne, Patti Mayor, Don McCullin, John Minton, Henry Moore, Santiago Mostyn, Ron Mueck, Horace Nicholls, Bernard Perlin, Charlie Perkins, Elizabeth Peyton, Paul Pfeiffer, Jack Pierson, Keith Piper, Sylvia Plath, Olivia Plender, Marc Quinn, David Rayson, Paula Rego, Jamie Reid, Jacob Riis, The Mott Collection , Tim Rollins & KOS , August Sander, Michelle Sank, George Shaw, Anna Shteynshleyger, Walter Sickert, Ross Sinclair, Humphrey Spender, Hannah Starkey, Chris Steele-Perkins, Axel Stockburger, Lillian Suwanrumpha, Mitra Tabrizian, Jürgen Teller, Joe Tilson, Henry Scott Tuke, William Turner, Salla Tykkä, Al Vandenberg, Jeff Wall, Andy Warhol, Erin Williams, Oleta Williams, Francesca Woodman